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Invisalign® at Busby House Dental Centre

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment uses clear, removable aligners, which straighten your smile discretely.

No wires or brackets are involved!

The aligners are made from a flexible plastic material and custom-made to fit your mouth. You will have a series of aligner sets that are changed every week until you achieve your final result.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

    • Virtually invisable - unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners do not involve wires or brackets. The aligners are thin, transparent and custom-made to fit your mouth, making them barely noticeable
    • Quick results - the system can correct several orthodontic issues to give you a balanced, straight smile in as little as six months
    • Removable - Invisalign aligners are removable making brushing easy and allows you to eat normally throughout your treatment
    • Comfortable - the aligners are flexible and custom-made making them more comfortable than traditional braces
    • See your potential smile - at Busby House, we can use 3D technology to assess your teeth and show you how your smile could look after Invisalign treatment

Look out for our Open Day Offers on:

At Busby House Dental Centre, we regularly have Invisalign Open Days offers including:

    • Free teeth whitening - worth £415
    • Free 3D scan - worth £250
    • Free retainers - worth £120 each
    • £250 discount on the day

That's a total saving of £1155!
Keen an eye on our social media pages for 2024 Invisalign Open Days