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Private Services and Fees

In proposing your treatment plan we will always take account of your own wishes. We will explain options, where appropriate, and all costs involved so that you can make an informed choice. Treatment will only commence with your consent.

Should you wish to spread the cost of treatment above £500 pounds we will be happy to arrange a confidential appointment for you to make such arrangements. Invoices must be settled on the day of your appointment unless agreed differently by the dentist.

All the fees quoted below are included as a guide only and to be used as an indication to likely costs of your treatment. For a more detailed estimate please ask your dentist.

Description   Estimated Cost
Routine Exam £60.90
Routine Child Exam £36.75
New Patient Exam £99.75
Full Case Assessment From £180.00
Intraoral X-Ray   £15.50
Orthopantomogram (OPG) X-Ray  £68.25
Emergency Appointment  From £99.75
Description  Estimated Cost
Hygiene Appointment £73.50 per session
Direct Access Hygiene Appointment (Patients who have not been seen at the Practice for 2+ years) £110.25 per session
Periodontal Treatment £95.00 per quadrant
Airflow Only £90.00 per session
Airflow Combined with Hygiene  £110.00 per session
Amalgam Filling From £160.00
Composite Filling From £200.00
Root Canal Treatment
Description   Estimated Cost
Consultation with a Dentist with Special Interest In Root Canal  £120.00
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior Tooth From £460.00
Root Canal Treatment - Pre-Molar/Molar Tooth From £600.00
Description   Estimated Cost
Porcelain-Bonded Crown From £850.00
Metal Free Crown From  £850.00
Full Gold Crown From £950.00
Post and Core From  £140.00
Laboratory-Made Post From £160.00
Inlay/Onlay From £750.00
Veneer From £850.00
Description   Estimated Cost
Full Acrylic Denture From £1000.00 per arch
Partial Acrylic Denture From £800.00 per arch
Full Cobalt Chrome Denture From £1950.00 per arch
Partial Cobalt Chrome Denture From £1850.00 per arch
Dental Implants with Dr Anand
Description Estimated Cost
Implant Consultation £150.00
Fully Restored Implant From £2500.00
Bone Graft with Bio-Oss/Autogenous Bone £750.00-£1150.00
Sinus Lift - Bone Graft £850.00-£1150.00
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 20ml  £650.00
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 60ml £850.00
Oral Surgery with Dr Anand
Description   Estimated Cost
Routine Extractions From £350.00
Surgical Extractions From £550.00
Wisdom Tooth (Impacted)  £550 to £750
Alveolectomy £475.00
Apicectomy - Incisor/Canine/Premolar £750.00
Apicectomy - Molar £850.00
Soft Tissue Lesions:
Epulis £475.00
Gingival Hyperplasia £575.00
Mucocoeles £750.00
Removal of Salivary Calculi £950.00
Repair of Oro-Antral Fistula £750.00
Transposition of Mucosal Flaps £450.00
Sedation £550 to £850

Orthodontics & Invisalign®
Description   Estimated Cost
Orthodontic Assessment (Adult)  £120.00
Orthodontic Assessment (Child) £80.00
Functional Appliance £1000.00
Standard Removable Essix Retainers £120.00 per retainer
Vivera Retainers (Set of 3) £600.00
Fixed Retainers £185.00 per arch
Metal Braces (Single Arch) includes a standard removable Essix retainer   £1800-£2800
Metal Braces (Dual Arches) includes a set of standard removable Essix retainers £2800-£3600
Ceramic Braces (Single Arch) includes a standard removable Essix retainer £2300-£3000
Ceramic Braces (Dual Arches) includes a set of standard removable Essix retainers £3500-£4500
Invisalign  from £2000
Teeth Whitening
Description   Estimated Cost
At-home Boutique Teeth Whitening £415.00
Laser Treatment with Dr Paul & Dr Haycock
Description   Estimated Cost
Consultation for Laser Treatment  £150.00
Crown Lengthening £200.00 per tooth
Gingival Surgery £200.00 per tooth
Pocket Disinfection £100.00 per tooth
Operculectomy From £225.00
Fibrous Lesions From £225.00
Ulcer Therapy From £150.00
TMJ Therapy From £150.00
Tooth Contouring & Composite Bonding
Description   Estimated Cost
Cosmetic Tooth Contouring Consultation £80.00
Cosmetic Tooth Contouring From £150.00
Composite Bonding Consultation £100.00
Composite Bonding From £250.00